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College athletes can unionize, federal agency says


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I’m What?

One of my co-workers listed me as her “professional development” on her work plan.

As in, she talks to me and picks my brain for knowledge to help her understand some of the concepts of being a staff rep and servicing union contracts.

I want to be a strong, confident lady and say I’m flattered, but I’m also mildly embarrassed. I have lots of opinions and I’ll talk for days, I just didn’t know it would be useful for anyone.

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“He does steroids or whatever, it sucks. He does this or that, it sucks. He’s always in the news, it sucks. But this is the players’ union he’s going against. It’s all of us. Not a real good idea.”

“I think what he had going on is pretty individual. He did it. It was his decision, his suspension. But I don’t think it’s really a good idea to go after our union. Down to my (expletive) kids, down to the benefits we have, down to our retirement fund, the union makes our lives better. We pay dues to the union for our rights.”

Johnny Gomes, offering his thoughts on A-Rod and his suit against the MLB Player’s Association.

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A Plan to Avert the Pension Crisis

To be clear, we must avoid demonizing public employees and their unions. Concessions on their part should be negotiated within the collective-bargaining framework and not imposed unilaterally, as some governors have tried to do. Union leaders must embrace this process because it’s the right thing for their members’ long-term interests. If they’re not included in the process and changes are forced on them, the result will be social strife and years of legal challenge. (Read More.)

[Emphasis is mine.]

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Street Renamed To Honor Striking Sanitation Workers.

MEMPHIS – Early this morning, a stretch of Beale Street in front of AFSCME Local 1733 was renamed “1968 Strikers Way” in honor of the sanitation workers who courageously stood up for racial equality, safer jobs and greater respect.

Pres. Lee Saunders, Sec.-Treas. Laura Reyes and Martin Luther King III joined former strikers and union members from across the country at the renaming ceremony.(Read More.)

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